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Not sure what something means? Let our dictionary help you in locating the meaning of words used in Alternative medicine. Practitioners, Centres decide which therapy is best for you.

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Diet & Nutrition 
Health is not only the smooth running of the bodily functions but ... read more
Manual Healing
Not sure what something means ? Let our dictionary help you in locating the read more
The Move Towards Holism
Traditional Western allopathic therapy which produces effects differing... read more
This is the age old practice prescribed in Ayurveda to restore youth, ... read more
Some Views on
Indian Systems of Medicine
Indian healing systems are more effective with lesser side
effects... read more

Just a Little Pinch of Something
Brings Health into Your Life

Home remedies are interesting and rise to the situation immediately. ,... read more

The Art & Science of Healing
The History of the prevention and treatment of disease, or in other words, the science of healing ... see more

Acupressure Acupuncture
Alexander Technique Apitherapy
Applied Kinesiology Aromatherapy
Aston-Patterning Ayurvedic Medicine
Biofeedback Biological Dentistry
Cell Therapy Chelation
Chiropractic Colonic Irrigation
Craniosacral Therapy Detoxification Therapy
Energy Medicine Environmental Medicine
Enzyme Therapy Fasting
Feldenkrais Method Flower Remedies
Guided Imagery Hellerwork
Homeopathy Hydrotherapy
Hyperthermia Hypnotherapy
Juice Therapy Light Therapy
Macrobiotic Diet Magnetic Field Therapy
Massage Therapy Meditation
Myotherapy Naturopathic Medicine
Neural Therapy Neurolinguistic Programming
Orthomolecular Medicine Osteopathic Medicine
Oxygen Therapy Qigong
Reconstructive Therapy Reflexology
Rolfing Sound Therapy
Tai Chi Therapeutic Touch
Trager Integration Vegetarianism

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